What is CTB?

CTB future currency of CryptoTreasureBit ecosystem.

What is CryptoTreasureBit ecosystem?

It is basically a reward distribution system.Include games,market,invesment.

How we can trust CTB?

After checking everything fine in contract and pancakeswap, we are going to give ownership of contract to 0x0000000000 adress

Even renounce of contract you have huge amount of CTB how we can trust team?

We are going to lock tokens %15(600m~ (%12system %3 team)) 06.01.2022(june) and %15(600m~(%12system %3 team)) 01.01.2023.
1- Contract not allow to move this size of CTB.
2 - That wallet will be control by mainframe.
3- More important reason some of us directly working on IT sector that will be not end well

Why team is anonymous?

Some of team member currently have contract with big companies this is side project for this moment 01.09.2023 we are going to be publish as worst case scenario.

Your system has seem not professional why?

Our strong suit is backend it's going to be hire some frontend dev with team tokens or development budget.Also some of goals this project training some new graduate people.

What is use case of CTB?

In future there will be many use case for CTB but in short term it's going to be main currency of case opening website.Also after fully publish website, next update will be market place then our RTS game.

How can i get CTB?

You can buy via Pancakeswap in the beginning.

How project deploy on BSC?

%15 of CTB is going to be pair with BNB.Time of publish will be determinate before 01.10.2021. There is not have seed sale or private sale on this project.Every invester of this project going to buy from pancakeswap atleast until to be website full launch.

Why should i buy CTB?

Even holding CTB has reward also burning rate increase value of token, also with upcoming use cases you can actively invest with treasure system.

What is Treasure system?

Treasure system basically like games box/case/gem/treasure system system auto generate some of CTB as treasure and you earn CTB and RTS Premium items byopening them.

Why system has %24 of all CTB?

Basically because of system.All income with this %24 it's going to event/giveaways etc.

How calculating treasure price?

Let's explaining with an example.System created treasure series with 100 000 CTB and there is 100 treasure. 1 Treasure price is = ((1/0.95)*(reward pool/treasure)) this means %95 of reward pool going to be distributed %2 will burn %3 will profit.

Can we sneak peak future ?:)

On paper there is 4 core use case for system.
1-Treasure opening
2-Browser RTS game with rewarded servers.(for example S1:Winner 1m CTB)
3-Steam market/Skill market like fiverr
4-Digital world RTS it's like M&B Decentraland crossover.

Dev budget is not locked what are you planning with that?

General using of this budget is for better system.Building a website is a not a big deal current days, but building 100k+ active user website is a another story.It's not just require better code , it's also consume more resource.We are not sure %100 income cover our cost we are hope we can fund system resource with this share. Btw incase if a moment come and we dont require this share for example %1 of this cover our cost what we require,rest of it's going to be burn or going to be transfer to system budget.

How we are going to know which of wallet is system/dev etc?

After locks unlock we are going to split all wallets.After split all wallets we are going to publish wallets in all social media also website.In beginning there is possibility we are lock system+team wallet in same wallet for reduce cost and uncertainty.

Do you have plans to fight against FUD and FOMO on project?

Unfortunately we cant stop this %100. Our plans we are going to be active on telegram & discords, monthly AMA until we fully publish.

When DEV Team share unlock,how you stop them sell all of CTB ?

When their share unlock there is 2 option;
1-All stakeholders going to register system and we are going to pay their share monthly %4.16 of their share(%0.25 total sup.).
2-We are going to be pay their share manually monthly %4.16 of their share(%0.25 total sup.).
So total share of team going to pay in 2 year starting from 01.01.2023

%24 of system share only for treasure system?

We are planning steam items market. When market is active we are going to be share %4, so you can sell&buy items with %3 comissions. Price of any item going to be calculate from other markets and our market data.For example if you try to sell site unpopular item price going to down or selling to populer item it's going to be up. But our first goal is treasure system with solid mainframe.In this part nothing % 100 Unfortunately but our core use case vision probly going to be close to this.
%24 of
%2 market share
%16 play to earn
%4 will be create treasure
%2 events bonuses
But you are going to be see this wallet in BSC as 1 wallet.