CTB is an ecosystem which going to be includes games,reward distribution,market etc. CTB is a core currency which you can buy services and game items.Even you can trade with it.

CTB in the begining will be accesable from pancakeswap , because we dont have seed sale periot.Near future you are going to able get CTB reward from treasure which you can buy this from website or you can get treasures from playing games. Even maybe you can buy from a user in market.


Our token limit is same time limit double of integer variable.After creating our token we burned %45 of all tokens and lock system and team tokens.You can find fancy charts on tokenomics section of website.

Our total avaible token is 2,362,232,011. In every transaction %3 distributed and %3 added to liqidity pool. Team has %6 of all tokens and it's locked with all system tokens. Which first half going to be unlock in june 2022 and other half is going to be unlock january 2023 wealthlocks you can check from this link. Direct link of lock up have some issue, you can search with cryptotreasurebit in this link wealthlocks .

Token Strategy

Our future plans is creating use cases and increase liqidity pool first, we are going to be complish this with early marketing and some special treasure to support directly liqidity pool. When our core ecosystem fully functional our income will be from market and games.

For holders of CTB beside %3 reward holding, we are going to be boost CTB liquidity pool from market and games all the time.

About system share which %24 of all tokens;

  • %2 market share
  • %16 play to earn(Treasure from game is play to earn section)
  • %4 will be use treasure reward
  • %2 events bonuses

Use Cases

Treasure Opening

This system going to center of everyting and going to be sneak peek to new usecases.Treasure is not going to be just CTB and Market items.Some items going to be only avaible on treasure so you can trade with users or just use .


Market also another big deal in ecosystem.Our early plans for just our items but with updates it's going to be evolve to NFT market,Steam items and more.


Our core games it's going to be a RTS game, every server session going to be a tournament. Every premium content purchase in that server going to be pump server reward. Also every server going to be have dungeon you can risk your unit's and find treasures.

Well let's put here little easter egg when we release some expensive treasure's their rewards going to be linked to directly system of clan in game.For THE KING!

Some Mini Games

There are some mini games like digging land with shovel,pickaxe etc.


We are going to use mini games and treasures for a tournament.For example you are going to join tournament for a prize also your ticket price going to be added prize pool, then you are going to be get mock token and play games with and get points if you are end up in for example top 10,mock money will be delete and you are going to get reward.

Treasures And Where You Find Them

Some will be on the front page surprise :).But some of them from mini games, some of them RTS games and some of them from another treasure.

Treasure Rewards

Will be different content in treasures. Some of them going to have RTS game items, some of them mini game item, some of them tournaments mock points and some of them going to be contains CTB

Games And Timelines

Well no surprise all games has not same complexity, we are planing to do first solid account system then we are going to treasure,mini games,tournaments and finaly our big boy RTS game.

After project launch planing in every 2 weeks AMA and some to give live reports in telegram. Also planning to involved CTB whales to our so our investors can experience and maybe shape system to the better.